Primary 2 PLP-R/W II

Primary 2 PLP-R/W Audio-recording of SmallBooks and Letter Books I


Small Books

Letter Books

A Tale of Two Turtles

10.1.1 I Live in a Big Park

Happy Chants 1

10.1.2 A Big Park

ad, am, an

10.1.3 Where do we Live?

ag, ap

10.2.1 Waiting for the Mail

ob, og, op

10.2.2 A Postcard

10.2.3 Turtle Mail

10.3.1 Looking for Food

10.3.2 Mat and Mip

10.3.3 Jobs to Do

10.4.1 Let’s get Together

10.4.2 A Postcard from a Friend

10.4.3 Jungle Friends


11.1.1 Yummy Soup

ed, eg

11.1.2 Soup and Noodles

em, en

11.1.3 A New Menu

ib, id, ig, im

11.2.1 A lot of Yummy Soup

in, it, ix

11.2.2 The Poor Old Man and the Poor Old Woman

11.2.3 We can Help

11.3.1 I am so Sad

11.3.2 Time for Soup

11.3.3 Our Restaurant

11.4.1 I can Help

11.4.2 Seafood Soup

11.4.3 Vegetable Soup

Henry Hamster’s Week

12.1.1 Henry Hamster Goes Running

ud, ug, up

12.1.2 Poor Little Henry Hamster!

um, ut

12.1.3 Henry Hamster is Sad

Happy Chants 2

12.2.1 What does Henry Hamster do?

12.2.2 Henry Hamster and Jenny Hamster

12.2.3 What do the Animals Do?

12.3.1 Henry Hamster Loves Running

12.3.2 Happy Henry Hamster

12.3.3 Henry Hamster Loves Sports

12.4.1 Who Loves Running

12.4.2 The Animals Love Sports