Language Rich Environment

Language Rich Environment


A language-rich environment is key to ensuring that meaningful language acquisition takes place. Our school takes pride in exposing students of all levels to genuine language through a variety of means. Inside the classroom, students begin their journey in PLP-R/W, which is taught by our Native English Teachers and Local English Teachers. They make use of a vibrant and print-rich English Room to engage in meaningful activities and complete tailor-made booklets. Students also participate in guided reading, where they are exposed to various text types that are carefully chosen to suit their needs and levels. Outside the classroom, students can join in different English language activities, such as English Week, English Recess and English ECAs. Students also keep an eye out for the themed banners and bulletin boards around school that are updated accordingly. Collectively, all these opportunities to interact with an authentic language-rich environment provide students with a holistic language learning experience.



Curriculum Highlights:

1.   PLPR-W Program: In September 2013, the school joined the PLPR-W program provided by EDB.  Since then, there are three lessons from Primary 1 to Primary 3 every week co-taught by the native English teacher, the local English teacher and the classroom assistant. Now teachers are working on developing differentiated instructions to cater for students' various learning needs.


2.   DTS: In 2017-2019, we collaborated with the EDB NET Section and were engaged in the project of Development of Text Sets (DTS) for Enriching the School-based English Language Curriculum at the Primary Level. Now we have come to the stage of consolidating the DTS and the reading curriculum in KS2.  Students are exposed to different modal texts to build up learning concepts.  It is hoped that school-based reading text sets can be developed to sustain KS2 students' reading interest, guide these students to read across the curriculum and develop their critical literacy and high-order thinking skills. Two units using multi-modal texts will be implemented in the whole school year.


3.   Reading: This year, the main goal of our school plan is promoting students’ reading ability and interest. We will subscribe to a new e-reading platform.  We will also seek students’ advice on their preferences for English book purchases to ensure interesting titles are available for their take-home readers.  Of course, there will be various fun English reading activities integrated with cross-curriculum learning.


As in previous years, a levelled reader scheme is implemented to enhance students reading interest and proficiency. 


5.   Writing Portfolio: Students have to build up their own writing portfolio throughout the school year.  Students are taught self-reviewing and editing skills with the help of a list specifying the language features they are supposed to learn in a particular piece of writing work every week.